[Bout of Books 18] Goals and Updates


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Participant: jen7waters
My sign-up post

The Bout is on!

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  • Read every day
  • Participate in at least 3 challenges
  • Interact with fellow readathoners
  • Read the following books:

I actually just need to finish Frayed, I was reading it already before the read-athon started—I’m currently at page 70 of 294.

+ I’M. SO. FREAKING. EXCITED for the Four Weddings and a Sixpence historical romance anthology!


Day 1 | Jan 02

Reading progress: zero pages, I suck

Challenge: Introduce Yourself #insixwords


Day 2 | Jan 03

Reading progress: 20 pages of Frayed

Challenge: 2017 in a Picture

Day 3 | Jan 04

Reading progress: 30 pages of Frayed

Challenge: Book to Movie

Have a book you think would make an excellent movie? Now’s your chance to share it! Go as big or as simple as you want. Share fanart, casting choices, or just a book or series you think would be OUTSTANDING on the big screen. Use the hashtags #BoBBookToMovie and #boutofbooks to share your picks!

And my pick for this book to movie challenge is going to be the Blackthorn & Grim series by my favorite author in all the land, Juliet Marillier. I finished the last book in the trilogy over the holidays and I’m still not okay with everything that happened plus having to say goodbye to these characters I love so much it’s like my heart is going to explode.

Okay so this would be a fantasy series, historical fantasy, with mysteries and riddles and curses and our two main characters investigating it all while dealing with their many inner deamons while also falling in love. Sounds so good, right?

I had never thought about which actors could play Blackthorn and Grim before this, honestly after three books I don’t even have a clear picture of them in my head because Juliet doesn’t mention their looks that often. Of course I know Backthorn is quite short, has beautiful bright red hair like a flame and light eyes, and that Grim is reaaallly tall and huuuuge, has small eyes and considers himself ugly. Their age is unknown, but after a few hints I’m pretty sure they’re both in their mid thirties.

With that in mind I picked two actors I actually like a lot, Claire Foy (32) and Tom Hardy (39) as my Blackthorn and Grim. 🙂


And that’s my book to movie with a fancast included. Please someone make a Blackthorn & Grim tv series!

Day 4 | Jan 05

Reading progress: 10 pages of Frayed

Challenge: Book Spine Poetry

Day 5 | Jan 06

Reading progress: 0 pages cos work 😦

Challenge: If you like this, try this…

Day 6 | Jan 07

Reading progress: 50 pages

Challenge: FREE DAY!

Day 7 | Jan 08 + WRAP-UP

Reading wrap-up: Finished Frayed and started Four Weddings and a Sixpence.

Challenge: FREE DAY!

Wrap-up: Soooo, I managed to finish Frayed and read a couple of pages from Four Weddings and a Sixpence. Didn’t enter all the challenges I wanted—still can’t believe I missed Book Spine Poetry, dammit. 😦 Anyway, I’m still happy I finished one book, being that I didn’t have that much free time this past week. I’ll do better in the next Bout, I’m sure, see you all there!

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