[Bout of Books 17] Goals and Updates


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Participant: jen7waters
My sign-up post

You guys, the Bout is on!


Let’s do this.


  • Read every day
  • Participate in all the challenges
  • Interact with fellow readathoners
  • Finish Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones


I know, I know, it sounds easy to finish just one book, but I don’t plan on having a lot of free time to read this week and this book is long, so it will be a challenge for me to finish it.


Day 1 | Aug 22

Reading progress: read 30 pages

Challenge: Book to Movie hosted by Writing My Own Fairy Tale

It’s super easy. All I need you to do is share with us your favorite book-to-movie adaptation and your least favorite book-to-movie adaptation. You can give reasons for your answers or just names, it’s really up to you how much you share.

This is so my kind of challenge because I looove book to movie adaptations and my favorite one is…


Film directors should just stop trying because there will never be a most perfect movie, just like Darcy coming out of the fog will forever be the sexiest most ovary shattering scene in movie history. Oh Mr.Darcy…


Now, my least favorite book to movie adaptation:

Yikes. It’s really no surprise that the PJO movies are BAD, especially if you’re a fan of the books like I am. My main complain is that the story is all over the place. I’m not sure how they accomplished such feat but Sea of Monsters is even worse.

Day 2 | Aug 23

Reading progress: Read 5 pages today ;_;

Challenge: The Nickster hosted by Bout of Books

Pick out 10-15 books from your shelf, from your local library, or from a local bookstore. They can be any genre, any language, and any length. In each book, flip to a random page and pick the 1st word (articles such as “the”, “and”, “an”, “or”, etc. don’t count as the 1st word). Use all these 1st words to try to create an actual sentence. If the books are in different languages, feel free to translate them to all one language or leave them as they are! also, you can add in some articles, such as “the”, “and”, “an”, “or”, etc., if you want to make the sentence flow better. 

Here goes:

  1. Walked (Pride and Prejudice)
  2. Giant (Fire and Hemlock)
  3. Gloriously (The Hidden Oracle)
  4. Home (Daughter of the Forest)
  5. Fair (Deerskin)
  6. Cold (The Forgotten Beasts of Eld)
  7. Mildly (Fangirl)
  8. Now (Catching Fire)
  9. Feral (Magic Bleeds)
  10. So (Easy)
  11. Only (Just One Day)

And so the giant walked home, looking cold but gloriously fair and only mildly feral now.

Day 3 | Aug 24

Reading progress: Read 35 pages

Day 4 | Aug 25

Reading progress: Just 10 pages 😦

Challenge: Titles in the Tabloids hosted by The Book Junkie

We’ve all stood in line at the grocery store and giggled at some of the outrageous headlines we see. So, for today’s challenge, I thought it would be fun to take some of our book plots and make them into fun tabloid headlines. 

  • Think about the book you are reading or one that you finished during Bout of Books 17
  • Create a “tabloid” type headline.  Make it fun, feel free to use sarcasm liberally.  

Tabloid for Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones: Extremely cute little girl makes adult role play her make-believe (or maybe not!) fantasy stories.

Day 5 | Aug 26

Reading progress: Read 25 pages

Challenge: Book in a Song hosted by Janey Canuck

…tell me what connections you have between a book and some music.  Anything goes, really.  Some suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Rename your book with a song
  • Give a lyric that sums up the plot of your book
  • A song or album that is forever associated with a particular books in your mind

Like everyone else who reads a lot I give books soundtracks all the time, I don’t do it on purpose, it just happens, most of the times it happens because a particular song that I like fits a book, other times I just happen to hear the song when I’m reading and BAM it’s forever tied up with the book.

That said, a while back I did and entire Top Ten Tuesday about books and music with some of my favorite books/characters + music combos, here are some examples:

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (one of my favorite books) + Bad Day by Daniel Powter (the video too): so perfect for each other! Two strangers having lots of bad days but they still keep going, keep trying, keep living, and then they find each other and it’s like fireworks. No more bad days!

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater + Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran: a song for my darling wild child Ronan Lynch, he just wants, NEEDS to be loved. Dammit, give this boy some love, Parrish.

And many more.

Now for Fire and Hemlock, the book I’m reading for this Bout + Once Upon a December by Deana Carter from the Anastasia OST


These two fit perfectly because both book and song talk about forgotten pasts and people and things, and we get to know the heroine when she’s both a child and an adult just like in Anastasia, and yesterday I could not stop singing this song while reading this book.

Day 6 | Aug 27

Reading progress: Read 32 pages today

Day 7 | Aug 28 + WRAP-UP

Reading wrap-up:  Ended up reading 250 pages of Fire and Hemlock. I’m really enjoying this book and even though I didn’t finish reading it for the Bout, I’m happy I still have a lot of book left to read.

And that’s a wrap, guys! See you all at Books 18, running from January 2nd to January 8th.




6 Responses to “[Bout of Books 17] Goals and Updates”

  1. 1 Sally Allen

    I could not agree with you more about The Lightning Thief! I feel bad saying this, but I almost couldn’t believe what a disaster it was. As you said, it was all over the place. I haven’t seen this P&P yet (being a huge fan of the BBC series). Might have to give it try now! 🙂

    • I know right? It’s painful to watch the PJO movies, the only positive thing about them for me are the actors who play Percy and Grover. Everything else, Christ, what a mess.
      I hope you do watch it sometime! I love the BBC mini series also, but the 2005 has a special place in my heart for some reason. 🙂

  2. Like you and Sally, I agree that The Lightning Thief is a terrible movie adaptation!! I will say, however, that I disagree about the 2005/Kiera Knightley P&P. The BBC series is so much better…but it wasn’t a movie. Have you seen it yet? It’s definitely worth the purchase and the nearly 5 hours of run-time.

    • You know I read somewhere that they’re gonna make a PJO tv series? Hopefully they will do it right this time.
      Yes, I’ve watched both versions many times, bless BBC Entertainment for they rerun the mini-series quite frequently, I think I’ve watched it twice this year already. My favorite is still the 2005 movie though. 🙂

      • I hope the series takes off! I would love to watch it. Might make me read the books again. 😊

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