Christmas Spirit Read-a-thon ~ Wrap-up Post


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christmas spirit read-a-thon 2014Host: Seasons of Reading
Participant: jen7waters
Goals post

The Christmas Spirit read-a-thon is over and I managed to read A Christmas To Remember by Jenny Hale, and 177 pages of My True Love Gave To Me. The read-a-thon was only a week long so I’m happy with my results.

My thanks to the host, Michelle @Seasons of Reading, and happy holidays y’all!



2 Responses to “Christmas Spirit Read-a-thon ~ Wrap-up Post”

  1. Great job! Did you enjoy A Christmas to Remember? I hope so. Thanks again for joining me for the read-a-thon.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      Yes, I enjoyed A Christmas to Remember, although the heroine was a bit annoying (too needy!), but the kids melted my heart and it was worth it just because of them. They’re 2 adorable 4-year-olds (twins), a boy and a girl 😀

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