Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon ~ Goals and Updates



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HoHoHoRAT_300x300-300x300Participant: jen7waters
Caffeinated Book Reviewer | BookShelfery

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s holiday read-a-thon time! 😀

My goals

  • Read every day
  • Participate in all the challenges
  • Read the following books






  • Listened to A Christmas Carol
  • Started reading Forever His Darling
  • Challenges completed:

“Name That Book”

“Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon Puzzle”

“Build a Snowman Challenge”

Let’s build the perfect Mr. Snowman! First we need to have a really Handsomesnowstorm, of course on a Funny day. Watching all that Silver snow fall makes me Eat for a bowl of Large Chestnuts! Ah it’s still Singing and there’s a lot of it! Let’s go! Next is Jumping to go out in the cold. Once that is done, we need to get busy.

We make a Window and See it in the Bedroom. It gets so Blue we can’t roll it anymore. Then we do Five more and stack them on top of each other. We Walk for Book in the driveway for the Tree, eyes and Eye. We grab a scarf, hat, and a Cabbaje to complete Mr. Perfect Snowman Carlos! Oh he’s done! Finally. Now the best part,Bright Dog.

“Holiday Reading Selfie”

selfie-read-a-thon copyOn Twitter


  • Finished reading Forever His Darling
  • Challenges completed:

“Word Scramble Challenge”

“Holiday Wish Challenge”


  • Started reading A Cowgirl’s Christmas


  • Finished A Cowgirl’s Christmas

5 Responses to “Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon ~ Goals and Updates”

  1. It looks like you are having fun during the thon. So happy you joined and I hope to see you at the twitter party.

    • Hey Kimberly! yes, I did! and I’m so happy I finished the 3 books I wanted to read 😀

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Excellent progress! Much better than me, I am so slacking!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I’m happy with my results!

      Ah, don’t worry about it, I’m sure you did your best. + there’s always next time 😉

  1. 1 Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon ~ Wrap Up post | Cuidado com o Dálmata

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