Wicked Wildfire Read-a-thon ~ Guess the Title Picture Challenge


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Participant: jen7waters

This challenge is hosted by Michelle @Book Briefs, and here’s how it works:

First you pick a book. Then you find pictures to represent the words in the book title. Then you put the pictures/clues together and try to guess what the book title is. Get creative and make it as challenging as you want. Make a post with your Book picture puzzles and go around to different blogs and try to guess some of the puzzles. Words like “the” “and” “on” “Of”, etc. are excluded from pictures.

Here are my puzzles! Note that the images may or may not be in order.



  • Young-adult book
  • Part of a trilogy
  • Female author
  • Came out this year



  • Young-adult/MG book
  • Part of a series
  • Male author

Guess away!

7 Responses to “Wicked Wildfire Read-a-thon ~ Guess the Title Picture Challenge”

  1. O primeiro será: Dreams of Gods and monsters?
    e o segundo: The Lost hero?

    • YEEESSS!! 😀

      • 3 ritaviegasbcr

        Boas escolhas sim senhora (:
        infelizmente ainda vou no segundo da trilogia do Daughter of smoke and bone 😦

      • Estás a gostar então, certo?

        *Felizmente* queres tu dizer! significa que ainda tens muito para ler! 😀 Adoro o segundo, embora seja muito muito dark, mas o terceiro é assim uma coisa… PERFECT. *-*

  2. #1 Dreams of Gods & Monsters?
    #2 The Lost Hero?

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