Bout of Books 10 ~ ‘This’ Made Me ‘Think’ of That Challenge




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Day 3 challenge, hosted by My Overstuffed Shelves.

The Rules

1. Choose a book and something to pair with it.
2. Share your combination and why you think the two go together on your blog, Facebook, twitter, or Goodreads.
3. Link to your posting in the comments, with your BOB 10 participant number so I can verify your registration.
4. If you tweet about this challenge make sure to mention me, @KnittingGromit, and use the hashtag #boutofbooks.

My entry

This is a tricky one! All I could think about was pairing up my beloved Howl’s Moving Castle copy with this little doll I have since I was a kid, because she looks exactly like the heroine—Miyazaki’s version—, the fabulous Sophie Hatter, who I love so, so much. :3

I wish I could take a better picture, but I can’t, so this one will have to do—look, she has a green dress, brown braided hair, and a HAT!!


I mean!


The best part of this whole thing is that, like I said before, I have this doll since I was little, and I’ve only read Howl’s Moving Castle a few years ago, I didn’t even remember the doll until one day my mom found her, plus a couple more dolls with different dresses, inside a box somewhere and decided to put them all at the top of a cabinet in the house, and when I saw them I immediately seized “Sophie”, while screaming, SOPHIE MY BABY!!!

Meanwhile my mom was like—


Um… I thought you didn’t care about those dolls anymore… ?


4 Responses to “Bout of Books 10 ~ ‘This’ Made Me ‘Think’ of That Challenge”

  1. 1 Anmiryam

    Perfect match, yes!! Love Howl’s Moving Castle and all Diana Wynne Jones.

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