Bout of Books 10 ~ Bookish Battle Royal Challenge




 * * *Beware: Allegiant spoilers implied* * *

bout-of-books-10Participant: jen7waters
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Challenge! Bookish Battle Royal is hosted by Christina @ My Life in Books.

The Rules

  1. Choose three or more fictional characters as combatants—they can be haphazardly picked or themed
  2. List three strengths and weakness for each contender
  3. Determine who would come out victorious and give a little explanation why you think they would win—get creative with the outcomes!
  4. Link in the comments and if you tweet about this challenge make sure to use the hashtag #bookbattleroyal in addition to #boutofbooks because I want to see all your dueling characters!

The Combatants ~ My theme: Human dystopian boys


Perry from the Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi

fighting skills (tribal style)
he’s also a seer (heightened vision) and a scire (the ability to scent emotions and instincts in others)
has all kinds of survival instincts and skills in the wild, he’s the guy you want to team up with for the zombie apocalypse
Aria and Talon
His tribe


Tobias from Divergent by Veronica Roth

crazy fighting/combat skills
crazy computer skills
only has 4 fears
afraid of heights and small spaces
he’ll die if Tris dies (LIES)
cake but not really


Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

military training
owns (via thieving) and can pilot a spaceship
huge ego
he steals stuff, which sometimes gets him arrested
gambling habit, even if it’s for a good cause
huge ego

And the winner is…


Because I was not gonna pass this chance to use a Theo James gif on my blog, haha!

But seriously, I think Tobias would win this thing, although it would be a close call with Perry—that boy has serious skills too. With these two it would all come down to the fighting, and the thing is, at this point Tobias has nothing else to do with his spare time except exercising his fists of fury, meanwhile Perry still has a wifey to romance, and a nephew to play with, so next to Tobias he’d be kinda lacking. In this case, loneliness and heartbreak would be Tobias’s strenghts too. I apologize for this extremely gloomy theory—here’s another Theo James gif from my vast collection, to cheer things up:

Oh and Thorne never really had a chance. To be honest it wasn’t fair to throw him into this Battle Royale.


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