Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon ~ Wrap up




***WVRATbutton2014Participant: jen7waters | Hosts: April & Pabkins @My Shelf Confessions

Okay, so I failed my “read at least 4 books” goal, but on my defense the third book I decided to read is almost 600 pages long, and I almost finished it. Almost. *cries*

All my Wicked Valentine‘s posts:

Thank you to all the challenges’ hosts, and thank you April and Pabkins, for putting this all together again, you ladies are rock stars. Here’s a gif of Mr.Darcy coming out of the fog just for you two:


See you all at the next Wicked! 😉


5 Responses to “Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon ~ Wrap up”

  1. 1 Pabkins

    Colin Firth as Mr Darcy is still so much hotter! Sorry you didn’t make your goal but hey you’re right 600 pages is alot! almost two books right there right!?

    • Ah, I failed! you like the other Darcy…

      That’s what I thought, Pabkins! I didn’t feel bad that I didn’t read the 4 books, because The Lost Hero has so many pages that it’s almost like 2 smaller books xD

      • 3 Pabkins

        I hope you still had a blast with the challenges!

      • I sure did! my favorite is the book spine poetry 😀 I also like the puzzles

      • 5 Pabkins

        I’m glad you did!

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