Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon ~ Update #2




***WVRATbutton2014Participant: jen7waters | Hosts: April & Pabkins @My Shelf Confessions

Currently reading book number 3, The Lost Hero, with almost 600 pages. Okay, maybe it wasn’t my best idea, but I couldn’t wait to start this one. Percabeth!! :3



5 Responses to “Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon ~ Update #2”

  1. 1 Pabkins

    I really need to try out that series – I’ve heard nothing but good things. Maybe the next time i’m in the mood for middle grade fiction!

    • Pabkins, all the Percy Jackson books are so good, you really must give them a try when you can, I’ve waited so long to start reading Rick Riordan and now I’m like: WHYYYY, and believe me, I usually don’t read MG books, or that many books by male authors with male protagonists, but these series totally remind me of Harry Potter, which I love, of course—they’re both the exceptions to my I-usually-don’t-read-MG-or-male-authors-or-books-with-male-protagonists thing. This second series, The Heroes of Olympus is even better, you can totally see how the author matured since the first couple of books, and the characters are older (16-17) so it’s more young adult. The romance is extremely cute! The good thing about starting to read RR now is that there are so many books published already! 😀

      • 3 Pabkins

        You usually DON’T read male authors or protags!? Man I have to read equally from male and female authors, they write so differently and I need that change and dynamic or I get bored out of my mind – especially if I read in one genre for too long.

      • That’s correct. I mean, I’ve read a few, but they’re not exactly favorites, like Gone, Leviathan, The Maze Runner, and a few others. I’m so happy I finally found a male author of MG-YA that I love! Because I get what you’re saying, female authors and female protagonists in YA (or other genres, like romance for example) can have very similar voices.

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