[Read-a-thon] Bout of Books 7.0 ~ Day 1 Progress + Day 2 Challenges




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Participant: jen7waters


Finished The Girl With the Iron Touch by Kady Cross, I only had about 180 pages left when the read-a-thon started;

Read just a couple of pages of Crossed by Ally Condie, WHICH IS GETTING ON MY NERVES.

* * *


Challenge #1: Book to Music Soundtrack Challenge hosted by Medusa’s Library

Give me a soundtrack or an album for a book you love.  You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want to!  Is there one album that you feel encapsulates your reading experience?  Or is there a different song for every chapter?  Tell me about it! 

I really hope Bring Me To Life gets to be in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone movie OST. (◡‿◡✿)


Also, Radioactive by Marina and The Diamonds for Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, just because I feel like it. 😀


* * *

Challenge #2: Alternate Titles hosted by The Book Barbies

Alternate titles: what if you had the chance to rename a book? What would you title it? You could take your mission seriously and think of a new, better fitting title or you could do a silly new title. Just pick any book you’ve read and give it a new title OR you could pick a book you either read or haven’t read and give it a new title based on the book’s cover. Just get to renaming!

Magic Bleeds, my title: Mess with me or with my lion and I’ll cut you



4 Responses to “[Read-a-thon] Bout of Books 7.0 ~ Day 1 Progress + Day 2 Challenges”

  1. I love that cover for Daughter of Smoke and Bone! It’s so much better than the one I’ve got, which isn’t ugly, just not… right. Bring me to Life is perfect for that story! Her voice always makes me feel a little like I’m flying.

    • That cover is one of the reasons I bought the book in the first place, and I ended up loving the story so, oh happy day!
      Indeed, it’s a powerful song and that voice *.*

  2. 3 Angie

    I love the song you picked for Daughter of Smoke and Bone!! Perfect choice!

    My alternate name challenge!!

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