Bout of Books 6.0 ~ Goals and updates




bout-of-books-6.0Participant: jen7waters

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @On a Book Bender and Kelly @Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 7th, and runs through Sunday, January 13th, in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 6.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog.

~From the Bout of Books 6.0 Team

* * *

It’s that time of the year again—read-a-thon, baby, read-a-thon! As always, my goals are:

  • Read every day;
  • Participate in all the challenges;
  • Interact with other readathoners.

And here are the books I’m planning to read for this event (wish me luck):


The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Veil of Shadows by Shiloh Walker

Prized by Caragh M.O’Brien

Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas

I’ll be making my updates in this post, challenges and all, when/if necessary. And that’s it, have a great time, readathoners! 😉


Monday 07 Jan

What I’ve read today: 176 pages of The Assassin’s Curse
Total of books I’ve read so far: 0


Scientific Discovery – The Book Barbies

You have made a scientific discovery (who knew you were so good at science?!) on how to bring fictional characters to life. The problem? The method still isn’t *perfect,* so you can only bring two people to life, and they must return to the land of fiction in 30 days. Who will you choose as your bestie and your love interest for that one splendid month? (Feel free to add pictures if you like, but they are not required.)

I’m going with Bitterblue from Graceling by Kristin Cashore as the friend, because that kid melts my heart and while I was reading the book all I wanted was to bring her home, hold her, feed her lots of bread, something she adores.

The boyfriend, oh God…THIS ISN’T FAIR! but I’m going to say Mr.Thornton from Gaskell’s North&South, because, well, just look:


…also, I believe we have lots in common, like, he lives in the north, and I live in the north; he likes to present girls with baskets of the finest fruits, and I kid you not: I love fruit; my fiber of choice is cotton, and, hear this: he is The Cotton King—it’s like we were made for each other! \o/


Tuesday 08 Jan

What I’ve read today: Finished The Assassin’s Curse, and started Veil of Shadows
Total of books I’ve read so far: 1


Guess the Cover – Never Too fond of Books *DONE*
Favorite/Funniest Cover – Ms. Buff’s Blog *DONE*


Wednesday 09 Jan

What I’ve read today: Finished Veil of Shadows
Total of books I’ve read so far: 2


Page 48 Challenge – Booking In Heels

  • Turn to page 48 of your current book, or 48% if you’re using an e-reader.
  •  Take the first complete sentence on that page and copy it.
  •  Now you’re going to continue the story! Ignoring the real plot or anything else you know about that book, add four new sentences of your very own. You can morph the plot completely, kill everybody off or go off on a huge tangent—anything goes!

I’m currently reading Veil of Shadows, here goes my entry:

“Who is she?” he asked as he stopped next to her.

“Idiot. That’s not a she, but a he.”

“What?? That’s a dude?! But—”

“I know”, she barked, jealousy building up inside her, “he looks fantastic. Get over it.”

“Introduce us.”


Thursday 10 Jan

What I’ve read today: Read 131 pages Prized
Total of books I’ve read so far: 2


Book Spine Poetry – Escape Through the Pages

I can’t take a picture because neither my cell phone camera nor webcam work anymore, so I put together the following collage. I do own all of these titles.


Books used:
Take Me There by Carolee Dean
City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor
Sunshine by Robin McKinley
The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

* * *

Vampires in Popular Fiction – The One with Rachel’s Book


Friday 11 Jan

What I’ve read today: Read until page 305 of Prized
Total of books I’ve read so far: 2


Rewrite the Synopsis – A Daydreamer’s Thoughts

My synopsis for Prized by Caragh M. O’Brien:

After escaping the Enclave, midwife Gaia Stone sees herself all alone in the wasteland with her newborn sister Maya to provide for (*gasps of horror*), until a rider finds them and insists they must travel to Sylum, where they will be taken care of (mmm, suspicious)

In Sylum, Gaia, discovers an oppressive matriarchal society in some ways so different from the one she was born into, and in others, so similar (NOT THIS AGAIN!). Fuelled by the panic of losing her sister, and with the help of new friends, Gaia will soon be the face of a rebellion that will forever change herself and all those around her. (She’s just a girl and she’s on fire.)


Saturday 12 Jan

What I’ve read today: Nothing. Yes, I’m ashamed.
Total of books I’ve read so far: 2


Name Your Book Crack – Bookgoonie

What is your Book Crack? What can you NOT SAY NO to? What bookish things make you blissful?

My book cracks:

  • Free bookmarks: I want them, I want them all.
  • Book giveaways: yes, please!
  • Read-a-thons: the Bout of Books and the Wicked read-a-thons, I couldn’t resist them even if I tried.
  • My blog: writing reviews, mailboxes, and about other book related stuff is totally addictive. Catching up with other book bloggers too.
  • Goodreads: let’s not even go there.
  • Book Depository: ^the same.
  • Discount vouchers/coupons: you know, back when Book Depository used to give them away, I just had to use them all, even if I wasn’t in the book-buying mood (this rarely happens).
  • Juliet Marillier: my favorite author EVER. I always know what she’s currently working on, which book is coming out next and when; also, she’s the only writer whose books I pre-order without thinking. She’s my ultimate book crack.


* * *

Bookish Dress Up – Nyx Book Reviews

What if you could dictate what the character was wearing? What would you put on them – something ridiculous, or something that would make them look wonderful?

Finally! This is my opportunity to get rid of that gross white tuxedo Ash wears at the prom scene in Iron Daughter! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this day! My God Kagawa, what went through your mind to dress him like that?? To a prom?? And the pretense that he looked devilishly handsome… >__> Look, I love Ash, but he looked like a douche in that scene. I felt embarassed for him. SO, I’m going to make things right, here’s how he should have looked (the smile is optional, just because I don’t think I can make him wear it):



Sunday 13 Jan

What I’ve read today: Finished Prized
Total of books I’ve read so far: 3


 The New Year Resolution Challenge – Ex Libris

Pick a book and choose one or several characters from it and make up what would be their New Year’s resolutions if they made any. No need to be realistic, the wilder the better! 😀


Okay, I’m picking the Kate Daniels series for this challenge. And its characters New Year’s resolutions are…

Saiman: shapeshift into a body that will finally deceive Kate

Jim: find a way to inconspicuously follow Kate around and make sure she doesn’t get hurt, or the Beast Lord will have his head on a stake

Raphael: get together with Andrea

Andrea: resist Raphael

Derek: not get himself into the kind of trouble that will end up breaking, cutting, burning, dissolving, and scarring in general, his body permanently

Julie: get Derek’s attention

Curran: annoy Kate even more and still get her to bake him pies

Kate: get strong to the point her punches, kicks, headbutts, finally bruise His Furriness

*bonus* Grendel: stop eating inedible stuff, especially flat floors and car interiors—they really are a pain to digest, and mama Kate and aunt Andrea won’t give her cookies afterwards.


45 Responses to “Bout of Books 6.0 ~ Goals and updates”

  1. 1 p7

    Ena, que valente! Todos os challenges? E aqueles só US/Can, fazes na desportiva? 🙂

    Acho que só posto os meus objectivos no domingo… ainda não sei bem o que ler durante a semana. Até tenho lá o The Assassin’s Curse, e o Birthmarked… às tantas caem na pilha do read-a-thon. 😀

    • Se forem engraçados participo, se vir que tiram muito tempo de leitura ignoro-os. 🙂
      Ah, bem podias ler o Assassin’s Curse comigo. ^__^
      Tenho tanto medo de ler o segundo Birthmarked, estou mesmo a ver que vai ser um Pandemonium. *pun intended* (+ Ri-se da sua piada mais do que o que devia.)
      Por isso—aprovo essas duas possíveis leituras.

      • 3 p7

        Quanto a mim, os challenges de poesia são capazes de me dar cabo da cabeça, acho que tenho de me antecipar e ir pensando no Book Spine Poetry. xD
        Vou nessa de lermos juntas o livro, começamos por este na segunda?
        E pronto, já tenho dois livros escolhidos para o read-a-thon. 😀

      • Yep, podes adiantar serviço em relação ao book spine poetry.

        Agreed—Assassin’s Curse, 2ª. 😀

        (estás a ler LK, OMG)

  2. I am dying to read the Assassin’s Curse. I hope you reach all your goals in this read-a-thon and have as much fun as possible 🙂

    • Hi Veronica! I’m very excited to read it too—it has so many great reviews.

      Thank you, and thanks for stopping by. 😉

  3. I’ve had Assassin’s Curse for such a long time and STILL haven’t read it! Shame on me! lol Maybe I’ll add it to my list for this week if I get through everything I already had on it 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Shame on us! My copy has been on the shelf for a while now too. You should totally read it for the read-a-thon. 🙂

      Thank you so much!

  4. Good luck with your goals and have fun!

  5. 11 Kathryn

    Love Lisa Kleypas books, enjoy the read-a-thon

  6. I love the cover of The Assassin’s Curse and I really want to read that too.

    All the best for this week.

    My Read-a-thon post.

    • It’s pretty isn’t it? and soft too, really, touching this book is like touching a baby’s cheek.

      Thanks, Angelica. 🙂

  7. Good luck with your goals! 🙂

  8. Ha! I like your response to the page48 mini-challenge 🙂 I’m dying to read The Assassin’s Curse, it has such a gorgeous cover and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it – nice choice of books! 🙂

    • Thanks Victoria! ;D
      The Assassin’s Curse was a fun and light reading. I hope you like it when you read it. Yes, the cover is gorgeous, and have you seen the cover for the second book in the series? it’s a total covergasm!

  9. 21 melissaseclecticbookshelf

    Love the books you are reading and your pg 48 challenge! Happy Reading!

  10. I LOL’d at your Page 48 Challenge entry! 🙂

  11. 25 Jessica

    Checking some of the entries in the book spine poetry challenge and ah what a great job! I liked what you came up with.

  12. Love your Book Spine Poem!

  13. 29 bahnree

    Shhh don’t tell anyone but your book spine poem might be my favorite. Really great!

    • Awww, you’re too kind, thank you. :3 I loved putting it together, this challenge is always fun. (And yes, I won’t tell a soul, it’s our secret.)

  14. I think yours is the best book spine poem I’ve read so far 😀

  15. 33 Pragya

    Love love love your poem! It’s amazing. Are you liking Prized? I just read Birthmarked and really liked it.

    • Awww, you’re too kind. Thank you! :3

      I’m enjoying Prized, yes. It’s surprising, almost every chapter has something that shocks me. Also, I keep forgetting Gaia is one tough cookie, and that nothing, or no one, can bring her down.

      • 35 Pragya

        Oh yes, love Gaia’s inner strength. Hope to read Prized soon. 🙂

      • She’s quite stubborn—for the right reasons—I love that about her.

  16. 37 Pragya

    Love your book cracks, I plead guilty to most of them. 🙂

    <a href=""My Book Cracks

  17. Totally sympathise with those book cracks! And love your response to the dress up challenge! xD White tuxedo… just, no. Your choice is much better.

    • Everything was white in his outfit, even the shoes! Wait, I think the tie was blue, BUT STILL!! I was shocked. xD

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