To Conquer Mr. Darcy


Author: Abigail Reynolds

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (2010)

Pages: 416

Synopsis: In Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy gives up on winning the woman he loves after she refuses his proposal of marriage. What if, instead of disappearing from her life, he took the initiative and tried to change her mind? In To Conquer Mr. Darcy, Darcy follows Elizabeth to her home in Hertfordshire, planning to prove to her he is a changed man and worthy of her love.


To Conquer Mr. Darcy (or Impulse & Initiative) is one of the books of The Pemberley Variations series by Abigail Reynolds, meaning: the Pride & Prejudice characters and major storyline are there, while everything else, or the way Lizzy and Darcy get together, come from the author’s imagination. But keep in mind this is steamy historical romance, so be sure that Darcy will use all of his…charms, to get some…Lizzy love.

I won’t deny it, it was fun to read at least half of this book, but after a while it just gets repetitive, no matter how exciting it is to read about Darcy following Lizzy everywhere, begging for her love and attention like the lost puppy he is, or to know how he can’t stop thinking about her every single minute of the day, or how he puts a hand here, another one there, squeezes this, strokes that,  kisses all of it.  Of course a lot of Jane Austen fans would consider these books things from Hell, I mean, Darcy pouncing Lizzy before the marriage? Darcy pouncing Lizzy at all? The Jane Austen moralists: NO WAY! NO WAY! Lizzy and Darcy ARE NOT sexual beings! They are angels, and angels DON’T have intercourse, because they DON’T even have sexual organs! I say: settle down people, sure it is a bit disturbing to have the words “Lizzy”, “Darcy” and “nipple” in the same page, but hey, that is the purpose of these variations.

So, sure, go ahead and read it if your imagination is no longer enough to have Lizzy and Darcy all over each other. *wink*

Rating: 5/10


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21 Responses to “To Conquer Mr. Darcy”

  1. 1 quigui

    So, it is basically published fanfiction?

  2. 3 p7

    I’ve been wanting to read some sort of Jane Austen sequel for some time now, to fulfill this silly desire of spending some reading time with some beloved characters. xD But this doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I should start with. 😛 Any ideas?

    • Yeah, I know the feeling…xD

      Well, let’s see, I’ve only read this one, and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and they are both silly in different ways. Maybe if you read any P&P variation/sequel, that craving of “MUST READ SOMETHING WITH LIZZY AND DARCY, MUST, MUST” (I’ve been there xD) will go away…or not…maybe you’ll just want to read more!! 😀
      Now seriously, this author for instance has lots of books of this kind, check out her website here if you like, she has chapters available for visitors to read a sample. 😉

      *edit* Just remembered, quigui over there once found this website Austenprose and sent it to me, it has lots of reading suggestions on Jane Austen fiction 😀

  3. 5 slayra

    Lol, spot on… the key word being “repetition”… and didn’t you find their intensity… a bit… disturbing, after they married? I know I did. :p

    Anyway, Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite books ever and I don’t mind Lizzie and Darcy being… well, naughty. I mean, they are human beings (although fictional) and whatever do those Austen fans think happens after they marry? O_O

    I’ve read a few sequels and variations ( and the one I liked best was “Mr Darcy takes a Wife”. I like reading about what happens after… of course I’m not expecting perfection, the only person capable of writing the perfect sequel would be Jane Austen, lol.

    • I found the intensity of their intimacy disturbing ALL THE TIMES *rofl*

      Look p7, slayra is an expert on this subject! Wow that’s a big list! 😀 thanks!

      I’m sure Jane imagined all kinds of naughty behavior for her couples…but sadly for us, she couldn’t put it on paper xD

      • 7 p7

        Thank you all for your sugestions! ^^

        And it wouldn’t it be interesting if Jane Austen actually lived in the 21st century and were able to write books with steamy scenes? I’d like to see what she would come up with. xD

      • That, my friend, would be EPIC 😀 …we can only wonder… *sigh*

      • 9 slayra

        I imagine she’d write chick-lit, but her characters were sure to be amazing… Jane Austen’s characters are pure genius, the way they represent entire classes or personality defects… Wickham will always be the ultimate scoundrel… ^_^

      • 10 p7

        Yes I love how she creates a character and makes them seem like someone we might know… And Wickham is… pretty interesting.
        Have you seen Lost in Austen? It’s about a Janeaholic that ends up trading places with Elizabeth Bennet and meets everyone from P&P… I love what they did with Wickham. And Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennet are pretty amusing.

      • Oh I haven’t seen Lost in Austen, but I want to! I’ve seen some scenes at Youtube though, Darcy looks huge..or it’s just that the girl is too short? xD

      • 12 p7

        I think it’s the girl who’s a bit on the short side… But when you have the chance, do see it! It’s highly amusing how the 21st century girl’s presence screws up the whole P&P plot. xD Some scenes are still there, but they happen to different people. And some characters take an interesting turn. ^^

      • Thought so, but they look cute together anyway 😀

        Yes, I’m definitely watching it one of these days!

      • 14 slayra

        Lost in Austen is fantastic. I loved it because they made a lot of changes to the original story but the essence is still Austen. Also, they made me not like Lizzie very much, which is what they were going for I suppose given the end of the series. ^^ But I always loved Lizzie as a character so it was pretty cool. ^^

      • 15 slayra

        Lol, I don’t mean the sex scenes per se, just the… “Oh Darcy I love you so…”, “Oh Lizzy, my light” and the likes, lol. Sex scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth don’t bother me at all… I tried to be indignant, but it doesn’t, what can I say? :p

        Hardly an expert, but the P&P sequels, variations and whatnot always fascinated me… I first read Bridget Jones’ Diary and the sequel without knowing anything about it being related to P&P… as I read I thought it strange that the protagonist was also Mr Darcy but I didn’t associate because… well, Bridget is a bit dumb (but lovable) while Lizzie… is not. After a second read I saw the similarities of plot and thought myself very clever, until I googled the books and discovered everyone knew… ahah. Then… I couldn’t stop, I was addicted to Jane Austen sequels. Most of them are, well, not very good, but they’re entertaining.

      • 16 p7

        Lol I saw the Bridget Jones movies a few times before I realized the plot was similar to P&P. But to be fair, some of those times were before I even read P&P. I did too google the movies/books to find out that everyone knew… I felt a bit dumb on this one. 😛

      • My dirty mind! Yeah, that too, but I think the author knew that and even made Lizzy say at some point something like: “I’m so out of character” *xD* that cracked me up.

        Bridget is like a cross between Kitty, Lydia and Mrs Bennet. The only thing she has in common with Lizzy is that she falls in love with a guy named Darcy. Which doesn’t mean the story isn’t good, because it is, I’ve never read a Bridget Jones Diary book, but the movies are hilarious.

        For sure…entertaining is the word for these books, and that’s exactly what we are looking for when we pick them up 😀

      • 18 slayra

        Lol. She was out of character definitely. :p

        Yes, Bridget is definitely not Lizzie but the story in the books is similar… Bridget’s boss is Wickham, Mr Darcy is… Mr Darcy, they even have a story together. And just like in P&P Bridget begins by disliking Mr Darcy but after getting to know him she falls in love. 😀

      • One thing I really like in the Bridget Jones Diaries are the fights between Darcy and “Wickham”, plus they are so, so funny!

        Them fighting is probably the one thing missing in Pride and Prejudice (I wanted Wickham’s blood!! xD)

  4. 20 lllreviews

    Thank you for placing up the Spooktacular badge!=) Happy Halloween!!

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