Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology


Author: Christine E. Schulze

Publisher: CreateSpace (2010)

Pages: 198

Synopsis: “For, you see, I am the new Quelda of Tynan.” These words echo the mystery, horror, romance, and redemption found throughout the stories of Schulze’s fantasy anthology. A young woman and young boy must choose to embrace cruel tradition, run from it, or stand against it. A Scintillate princess must defy her only sister and sacrifice all to save the one she loves. A captain braves tempestuous seas to rescue Larimar, his gem of the sea. A blind girl unravels the mystery of the one who grants her sight in dreams and whom can hear her heart’s song. A young Elemental survives many dangerous ventures to discover true freedom. All of these and more weave together to create a truly powerful collection.


Just as the title suggests, this book is a collection of short stories/excerpts from the author’s bigger projects, some of them already published, some of them waiting publication. I enjoyed them all, but will admit that I particularly loved two: Bloodmaiden, which tells Crisilin’s tale -she has been chosen as the next Quelda, a terrifying thing for one to be since a new one is chosen every year, and so I don’t spoil the story for those who wish to read it, I’ll leave in the air the why? Among other things, I liked the scary-mysterious tone of this tale -ever since Crisilin says she’s the new Quelda, the reader senses that’s a bad thing, but besides the fact that because of it she’ll have to marry someone chosen for her, we don’t get to know the other horrific reasons…until later on…precisely the suspense/mystery that grabbed me to the story. Unfortunately, it all ends up too soon, but fortunately the full novel is already published, and hopefully I’ll get my hands in a copy someday soon.

My other favorite was Dream Catcher, Heart Listener, a lovely story about this sweet girl named Michaela, who’s blind and falls in love with a mysterious man who appears in her dreams -dreams in which she’s able to see, but can never see him. Truly lovely, I say. There’s this dancing scene with the couple…it made me all smiley and giddy. Also, there are great descriptions in this –probably due to the fact that the female lead is blind, and as so, describes the world around her just as she “sees” it.

Something I also enjoyed in this collection was that all stories seem to have a fairy tale-ish tone to them -and that always works for me since, well…it’s no secret that I’m a fairy tale junkie.

Rating: 6/10


The Book Depository UK
The Book
Christine E. Schulze’s official website


3 Responses to “Bloodmaiden: A Fantasy Anthology”

  1. Never gheard of the book, or the author, but ir sounds good.

    • Understandable, because she’s a very young author, both in the “published authors world” and in age (I believe she’s in her early twenties), but quite promising, I think 😉

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