Whitney, My Love


Author: Judith McNaught

Publisher: Pocket Books (2000)

Pages: 708

Synopsis: Whitney Stone’s teenage crush on a neighbor has her cold, unfeeling father banishing her to Paris into the care of her aunt and uncle. Under their loving guidance, the young woman blossoms into a ravishing beauty and becomes the darling of glittering Parisian society, a fact not lost on the handsome and equally powerful Duke of Claymore, who determines to make her his wife.


Whitney, My Love, the second book in the Westmoreland series was, in fact, Judith McNaught’s debut novel, first published in that glorious year of 1985 (I’m 25 years old, so you figure it out :p). Supposedly, it was this one book that started the modern Regency romance genre -and modern historical romance in general-, and as so, Whitney, My Love is also known as the classic of classics within this vast category. Pretty impressive. But enough from the author’s final note and Wikipedia.

In short, this book tells Whitney and Clayton’s exasperatingly inconstant and insanely passionate story. It all starts with a very young and rebellious Whitney being sent to France to live with her aunt and uncle because her father has had enough of her mortifying unladylike doings and huge crush on a neighbour -the two things that make her the town’s favorite target for mocking. When she comes back a few years later, all grown up and wiser, but no less infatuated with that neighbour that she’s hoping will now look at her under a whole new light, she finds out that her father sold betrothed her to a wealthy and powerful Duke in order to pay his astronomic debts.  That said, this is the story of Whitney and that same Duke.

I enjoyed this one. Judith did not disappoint me -didn’t expect her to-, even if in my heart I know that the first book in this series, A Kingdom of Dreams, will never lose its place as my favorite. I loved that  she came up with a story for this couple that in several ways reminded me of Royce and Jennifer’s. The  cherry on top of this cake for me is the pretty much always present fiery hostility that seems impossible to dissolve between the couple, combined with those heavenly scenes in which they make each other laugh out loud with silly stories. I was also thankful that in this one too there were a couple of enlightened, rational, non-evil secondary characters capable of outsmarting both hero and heroine in every single lover’s quarrel they go through, for these heaven-sent  can always see the problem and guide the thickheaded duet into the right path *high-fives the secondary characters*.

The heroine. Whitney is the typical outcast female lead; her father doesn’t get her, the neighbourhood ridicules her, and she’s always noticed  for the wrong reasons until the day everyone wants a piece of her. She’s restless, irreverent, outspoken, funny, loves to ride like a man, and I’m still not sure if her relationship with Clayton transforms her personality or not. She did disturb me a bit at the end with all that Oh Clayton, you can hurt me if you wish (say WHAT, Whitney?!), but then it occured to me, she’ s just kinky, let her be.

The hero. Clayton is a tough case, because you can’t help but liking him, the author basically wants the reader to drool everytime she describes him -tall, broad-shouldered, dark-haired, killer gray eyes…and then on top of this he does all kinds of prince charming things, but he keeps spoiling the whole deal everytime the alpha male beast inside takes over, for he is the pinnacle amongst the most possessive, jealous, demanding and hottempered male leads. Amazingly enough, it wasn’t the alpha male lunatic behavior that bothered me, but the wild and thoughtless way he would always jump to conclusions (the wrong ones) without even trying to rationalize. It was maddening. Really, I thought I was going mental…I got to a point where I felt like a badly injured horse begging its master: just shoot me…end my misery…pleeeaase…I’m pretty sure this was around Clayton’s high point of assholeness when after seeing a stupid note he gets to the conclusion Whitney has been fooling around and acting the whole time with him. Man, seriously? SERIOUSLY? Can someone please hurry and give this imbecile his pills, because he must be missing a whole week of dosage if his brain is coming up with this stuff. Grrr. This part made me so mad! I literally slammed the book repetedly onto my forehead hopping it would hurt him.

To finish. I’m recommending this one to historical romance fans everywhere, with the promise of a 700 pages emotional roller coaster, where the feeling of kicking and screaming, laughing and crying, send flying across the room all the things within reach, including the book itself, will be your only and constant companion.

Rating: 7,5/10

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